Remote Downloading

With remote download devices becoming a more popular choice amongst transport managers and drivers than ever before, we’ve written about why companies should be considering this as an easier and quicker way of getting their tachograph data. You can read about it in our latest blog post.

Software updates

Recent changes in legislation has meant that drivers are now required to record when they are on holiday or off sick by manual entry in rest mode. We have now made changes within disc-check to help comply with this, by showing when drivers haven’t done this. To find out more about this change and other updates across disc-check, TransMaS and vehicle-check, read our monthly software updates here. 

vehicle-check updates coming soon!

We’re almost ready to launch our updated vehicle-check! Coming soon is a new, cleaner look to vehicle-check with improved user experience, new features to include vehicle scheduling, related check screens, and we will be launching our brand new iOS app too. If you haven’t seen our sneak peeks yet, you can check them out here.

TDi Telematics customers

For our telematics customers, Webfleet have released their latest features updates, which include EV improvements, cruise control insights and flexibility to set OptiDriver scores for even better eco and safe driving. Read more.

disc-check training

Don’t forget, you can book onto our free online disc-check training that takes place every Tuesday & Thursday at 10am. If you need a brief overview of the new features, have new staff members that need training on the basics, or just want to learn how to get the most out of our software, you can book your place here.