In recent years we’ve seen a huge increase in demand for remote downloading, and whilst the main benefit remains the same, there are many reasons why companies are opting to download their data remotely. 


Remote downloading allows transport managers to download their tachograph data automatically whilst their drivers are on the roads. Which saves them time downloading manually whilst staying compliant. But for some companies, remote downloading has affected the way that their business operates.


Some companies such as tour buses and haulage companies that specialise in touring can be away for days, weeks and months at a time. This means that it is almost impossible for these types of drivers to take time to go back to depots to download their driver and vehicle data. Whilst downloading their data can be done with mobile card readers, uploading their data for analysis can be challenging if not impossible whilst out on the road. Remote downloading can take the stress of this away by automatically downloading whilst the driver is travelling to their next location.

European Hauliers

Similarly, some hauliers spend their time delivering in Ireland, Europe and beyond. Remote downloading works well for these drivers, due to remote downloading working anywhere in the world. With no extra cost for downloading whilst in and around Europe, this can be a great way for UK hauliers travelling regularly into Europe to stay compliant.

Consistent Compliance

For some transport companies, remote downloading simply offers a way of always staying compliant when it comes to downloading driver and vehicle data. Remote downloaders offer consistency to companies who sometimes can’t or don’t download their tachograph data regularly. 


In larger transport companies, some transport managers simply do not have enough time in their ever busy schedules to download sometimes hundreds of vehicles tachograph data. Remote downloading takes the stress out of downloading, and saves them many hours by doing this automatically whilst their vehicles are out on the road.

Single Drivers

Owner drivers sometimes just want something to keep them compliant so they don’t have to worry about downloading deadlines and can focus on their deliveries instead. A lot of our single drivers also rent devices from us to keep their costs down, and find that this option helps them stay compliant easily.


External Transport Managers

Lastly at TDi Software, we have external transport managers who manage several companies at once. Remote downloading can be extremely beneficial in these circumstances. External transport managers often manage companies from all over an area or sometimes even across the entire country. Before, they would have to spend many hours and money travelling to their customers to download vehicle data and stay compliant. With remote downloading, external transport managers don’t have to travel every time a vehicle needs downloading, and instead can manage several companies at once from one location. This is extremely helpful when they have companies that are based in remote locations such as the highlands of Scotland down to the remote parts of cornwall. Remote tachograph downloads means that their vehicles will download, even if the device doesn’t have signal where they are based, and will instead download as soon as they start travelling in their vehicle. 

TDi Software offers several packages of remote downloading, so you can choose the right package for your business. From a lite package that offers the basics so you can stay compliant, to our premium package which offers real time data, daily downloads and speed traces of vehicles. We also offer both purchase and rental options so you can find a package that fits your budget too. For more information go to our website or call our team on 01246 252375.