Earned Recognition with disc-check

Use disc-check to monitor your driver activity & send KPI’s to DVSA

What is Earned Recognition?

Earned Recognition is a voluntary DVSA Scheme for vehicle operators, and is a way to prove to DVSA that your business meets driver and vehicle standards, and in return your vehicles are less likely to be stopped for inspections at the roadside. The scheme has been designed to help both goods vehicles, and public service vehicle operators of any size, and can help your business save time and money. Learn more about the scheme from DVSA. 

The DVSA scheme uses key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure vehicle maintenance, and driver hours. With disc-check’s Earned Recognition module, users can track their performance and monitor their KPIs for their driver’s hours, and their KPI’s can automatically be sent to the DVSA every 4 weeks. 

How does the Earned Recognition scheme work?

Once your application has been accepted, you can use the Earned Recognition module within disc-check to monitor your drivers’ hours, and check that you’re meeting the KPI’s for the scheme. 

Every 4 weeks, disc-check will tell DVLA if any KPI’s have or haven’t been met within that period. If KPI’s have been missed, DVSA will work with you to fix any issues that have arisen. 

If you are considering signing up for the scheme, you can use the module to find out how you measure against the schemes KPI’s, but no data will be sent to the DVSA until an application has been approved. 

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Reduce road side checks

With ER status, drivers will less likely to be stopped at the roadside for DVSA checks. Saving time and increasing driver productivity when out on the road.

Prove exemplary operator status

By being able to prove ER status, operators can provide valuable information that can help win new contracts and business.

Easily monitor performance

We make it easy for operators monitor performance against the scheme's key performance indicators, and send KPI's directly to DVSA every 4 weeks.

Reduce enforcement visits

Business with Earned Recognition status can mean less visits from DVSA enforcement officers, meaning less administration time and more time saved.

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