Digitise vehicle defect reporting with vehicle-check

Streamline daily walk-around checks and improve vehicle downtime.

What is vehicle-check?

Completing a daily walkaround checks of your HGV is a vital part of compliance. vehicle-check is a paperless defect reporting system that helps ensure the safety of vehicles and assists with fleet compliance. Our vehicle-check app and software allows drivers to carry out their daily vehicle checks on their smartphones or tablets, whist transport managers can get instant notifications of any defects reported. 

Accessible on any iOS or Android device, drivers can search for their vehicle and trailers, record their checks and report any problems or defects to the transport office in real time. Customisable checks means that vehicle-check can work for any size, and any type of fleet.

Who is vehicle-check for?

Customizable checklists within the app means that vehicle-check can be used across any fleet of any size, and can even be used on mixed fleets too.

Amend checklists to suit your vehicles and business needs, from HGV’s, PSV’s, Plant machinery, specialist equipment and any other assets you use, there’s no limit on the amount of checklists you can have. 

We design our software and apps with users in mind so that everyone can get the most out of their data. User friendly software means you can easily stay on top of your fleet whilst ensuring your fleets vehicle safety.

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Benefits of using digitising your walkaround checks

  • No more lost paper work

    All checks are stored online, so you no longer have endless papers to check through every day or paperwork getting lost.

  • Minimise downtime

    With instant reporting, you can plan your maintenance quicker, so vehicles spend less time waiting for repairs, and more time on the road.

  • Unlimited Checklists

    No limits on how many bespoke lists and questions you can create, so all types of vehicles and trailers can be checked with ease.

  • Time & Location Stamped

    Every check is time and location stamped, so you can see exactly when and where checks are taking place.

  • Instant Uploads

    No more waiting around for checks to come back to the transport office. Once checks are submitted, it can be seen in the dashboard for instant review.

  • Available on all devices

    Our app is available for all mobile devices, through Google play store, or the app store.

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What's included with a vehicle-check subscription?

What will it cost?

At TDi we make pricing simple. We charge just £1 per vehicle per week with all trailers and other assets completely free of charge. No hidden charges and no sign up fees. We also only charge for what you use. No data for a week – no charge. 

We also offer a 28-day free trial on all of our software products, and offer free technical support and training for all of our customers.

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Get a 28-day free trial today.

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