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What is FORS Tacho Service?

FORS is an international voluntary accreditation scheme that helps improve UK and Europe commercial operators’ performance. It provides a comprehensive accreditation process which covers aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and economical operations. The scheme can provide tools to help operators become more efficient, more environmentally protective and demonstrate ‘best practice’ to their customers.

FORS Tacho service is brought to you by TDi’s disc-check tachograph analysis. The FORS Tacho Service helps members fulfil the D7 requirement of recording working time and driver’s hours but can also help reduce infringement rates, and increase accuracy and streamline your reporting process.

Who is FORS Tacho Service for?

FORS Tacho Service offers a modern, efficient , easy to use tachograph analysis software for any operators who are members of FORS.

So if you have bronze, silver or gold status, FORS Tacho Service can fulfil the bronze requirement D7 (working time and drivers’ hours,) and give you a wealth of information about your vehicle and driver data, in a way that it easy to understand.

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  • Fulfil FORS D7 requirement

    Fulfil the FORS D7 Bronze requirement (Monitoring working time and drivers' hours) with the help of FORS Tacho Service.

  • Streamline reporting

    Increase your reporting accuracy with the over 40+ reports available that can be scheduled as often as you'd like straight to your inbox.

  • Reduced costs

    We offer reduced prices for FORS members who sign up to FORS Tacho Service. We also analyse your vehicle data at no additional cost.

  • Improve Infringement rates

    Debrief features can help you monitor driver infringement rates and highlights common trends so you can spot issues quickly.

  • Reduce admin time

    All your data is analysed instantly once uploaded, so all your information is at your fingertips, ready when you need it.

  • Intuitive Dashboards

    Our clickable dashboards make it easy to see an quick overview of your fleet's data, and click into more details views of your tachograph data.

What's included with FORS Tacho Service?

What will it cost?

We offer discounts to FORS operators based on their membership status, with all features included, no hidden costs, or sign up fees. We’ll even analyse vehicle data for free!

Not just that, but if you don’t have any data, we won’t charge you, so you only have to pay for what you use.  

You can get all this at a reduced cost:

  • Bronze members – 75p per driver per week (25% off)
  • Silver members – 70p per driver per week (30% off)
  • Gold members – 65p per driver per week (35% off)

Still using analogue charts? No problem, we can analyse these for you and upload the data for £2.20 per analogue chart. 

We will also give you a 2 month free trial, so you can see for yourself how your business will benefit from using FORS Tacho Service.

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