Referral Scheme

Earn rewards by referring other businesses to TDi Software

How it works

Spread the word

Tell other businesses about how our software can help with tachograph analysis, vehicle checks and transport management, and share your personalised referral link from your TDi Software dashboard.

Referral signs up

When another business uses your personalised referral link to sign up, they will receive a 28-day free trial on disc-check, vehicle-check or TransMaS.

Get your rewards

After your referral completes their trial and finishes their first months subscription, we'll send your choice of reward in either account credit or Amazon vouchers.

Referral FAQs

Our referral scheme is a way to get more businesses to know about the products and services offered by TDi Software. We know that word of mouth can be a great way to do this, and that’s why we want to reward our customers when they refer new businesses to us.

In order to claim rewards, referrers must be current customers of TDi Software, be a customer of either disc-check, vehicle-check or TransMaS, and have a valid user account. 

To refer another business to TDi Software, log in to your TDi Software dashboard and send the referral link to other businesses at the bottom of your screen. The referral must then fill in their details and select the products they wish to sign up for. 

Referrals must be a new customer to TDi Software, and not have an account or any access to disc-check, vehicle-check or TransMaS. 

What you earn depends on the product your referral signs up for. 

  • disc-check – Referers will earn £2.50 per driver.
  • vehicle-check – Referers will earn £2.50 per vehicle.
  • TransMaS – Referers will earn £30 per user.

You can choose to have your reward paid in account credit or the amount in Amazon vouchers.

Rewards will only be sent when a referral has completed a 28-day free trial and after the first billable period has been paid. Rewards will also only be given providing the referral is paying the full monthly subscription fee, and paying by direct debit. 

When your referral has completed their first billable period, we will get in touch to tell you your referral has completed their trial and ask if you’d like your reward in account credit or Amazon vouchers. Your account credit will be added to your account, or Amazon vouchers will be sent via email.

No. You can refer as many new customers as you like. You can also refer customers to one, two or all of our core products to earn rewards. 

In order to receive rewards, your referral must enter your valid user email address at the first point of enquiry. You cannot claim rewards on customers who have enquired without entering your email address.

Terms and Conditions

The referral scheme only applies when a current TDi Software user refers a new customer to our core software products. This includes disc-check, vehicle check and TransMaS. No extra rewards will be paid out for any referrals that sign up to TDi Remote or licence-check as well as one of the core products. Referrals must be paying the full subscription fees and be on direct debit for any rewards to be paid out. Referrals must provide a valid email at the point of enquiry, and rewards will not be paid out until after the first billiable period, once the 28-day trial has ended.