What are Remote Tachograph Downloads and who is it for?

Simply put, remote downloading is a way of getting your digital tachograph data remotely and automatically. All of your driver and vehicle data is remotely downloaded, and sent straight to your analysis dashboard, all whilst your vehicles are out on the road.

Anyone can benefit from remote downloading. From owner drivers, to multi depot companies, and any size in between, we can offer a solution to anyone, and believe you’ll find the benefits no matter what.

Downloading data manually vs remote downloading

Under current legislation, vehicle data needs to be downloaded every 90 days, and driver card data needs to be downloaded every 28 days, and all data needs to be analysed to ensure drivers are being compliant whilst driving. 

Whilst you can download this data manually by using devices such as driver card readers and VU downloaders, this can be time consuming, and relies heavily on drivers downloading their cards back at depots at the end of shifts, or even remembering to download their cards in the first place! It also means that in some cases, operators may have to go out to the vehicles on the go, or go to several depots, just to get the vehicle data needed within the 90 day deadline.  

With remote downloading, this takes away the burden of collecting your tachograph data manually. As standard, your driver data is downloaded daily, and your vehicle data is collected weekly, but this can be set to suit your needs. The data also downloads whilst your vehicles are out on the roads, no matter where they are in the world, so you’re not wasting precious time, money and fuel returning vehicles to depots unnecessarily.

How does it work? 

A small remote download device is fitted behind the tachograph unit, and can be self installed quickly and easily within 5 minutes. Once fitted, the sim can be activated, and then you’re up and running. Once set up, your data will be ready to view in your analysis dashboard, as soon as the data has downloaded from the device. 

RDL graphic

What are the benefits for remote downloading?

As well as staying on top of compliance for downloading data, you can save valuable time, money and fuel. On average companies save up to 2 days time per year per vehicle, as they are no longer waiting for vehicle data to download, and chasing drivers to download their driver card data. 

Not only that, but you can also have access to the data as soon as it has been downloaded. This means that you can keep on top of driver infringements & working time every day, rather than catching up from the previous data download date which could be as much as every 28 days. Because of this, remote download customers can see any issues that arise straight away, and therefore improve infringement rates and improve compliance

At TDi, we don’t lock you into using our tachograph analysis software with our remote downloading solution, but with disc-check*, you can see real time data within 15 minutes of accuracy, which shows a wealth of information such as when breaks are due, driving time remaining & much more. We also make it easier than ever to analyse your data with our intuitive, user-friendly dashboards. 

How much will it cost me?

We’ve tried to make remote downloading affordable for anyone. We offer a subscription service of just £15 per month, with no upfront costs or hidden fees, that can simply be returned when you no longer need the device**. If you would prefer to own the device, you can buy a device for £240, and pay a monthly sim charge of £8.50. 

How can I get started?

If you want more information, or would like a quote, call us on 01246 252375, or fill out an enquiry form for one of our team to contact you. 

(*Addition cost for analysis software, **Minimum term applies)