Imagine working in a transport office where all the operational information you need is at your fingertips.

Not on paper, or files, or in cabinets.

Bliss, right?
In fact, no…don’t imagine it.
Because with TDI’s unique transMaS cloud-based software, you can have it.

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Built to meet the core needs of the traffic desk and planners, but with the ability to serve the wider operation, TDI’s transMas is the transport management system that combines the key features of a transport office into one system.

Need a quick overview of how things are? transMaS can provider. Need to drill down into more detailed analysis? Easy.rnrnNeed a demo yet?! Click here.

With so many features, TDI’s transMaS can revolutionise your transport operation…

Driver Rosters allow you to set driver’s shift patterns, monitor availability and track holiday and absence details.
Purchase Orders management suite integrates seamlessly into other areas of transMaS, giving you total control over staff purchases requiring approval.
Order Processing from arrival to invoicing, transMaS gives you the power to track, amend and monitor any order is it progresses through the system.
Live Scheduler offers simple navigation for all operators to get up-to-the minute information from central planners.

TDI’s transMaS is built with the transport business in mind – and with the amount of information it’s capable of delivering, we imagine you might want a demo now?