People say knowledge is power.

But having that knowledge at your fingertips whenever you need it makes it even more powerful.
For transport operators – that’s precisely what TDI’s Disc-Check does.
And it’s what makes Disc-Check the next generation of tachograph analysis software.

Accessible from mobile via the Disc Check App for android and all desktop devices, Disc-Check is the completely user-friendly way to upload data and get almost instantaneous tachograph analysis results to your screen.

Now…it’s not just us at TDI that thinks it’s brilliant (we really do!)…more and more fleet operators, multi-site companies and owner-drivers are switching on to Disc-Check’s capabilities.

Knowing how important tachograph records and infringement reporting is in our world – the opening Disc-Check screen gives you a quick, clear overview of how things stand. But getting more information is only one click away.

Driver Debrief helps monitor driver trends and offences over a rolling three month period.

WTD Entry enables transport operators to input Working Time Directive days, with the added flexibility of manually adding training/additional sick days.

Driver Details drills down on individual driver’s working pattern
s/infringements and the…

Driver App helps the guys on the road monitor their current legal limits based on their last download and acknowledge any offences generated.

All in all – it’s pretty clever stuff.
See…at TDI, we’re constantly looking at innovative ways to shape tachograph analysis – so if you want to find out more about Disc-Check, get in touch here. Knowledge is power, remember!