You may or may not have already spotted that we are continuously adding new features and reports into Disc-Check & Vehicle-Check see below list of new things available to you:

– Debrief System (Showing trends for driver offences)
– Vehicle Trace (View the graphical trace from VU Data + Driver Data)
– Reports:

Now categorised for easier finding

New Reports:

  • Driver Hours (Payroll report)
  • Driver Last Weekly Rest (Shows last weekly rest date and when next is due based on latest data)
  • Start Dates (Shows the reporting start date for all drivers)
  • Vehicle Mileage
  • WTD Entries (Shows all holidays/sickness added to disc-check)
    – Live Analysis System
    – Ferry mode overrides
    – Scaling penalty charges

– Turn on device flash to use as torch within the app
– Signature capture