Features & Benefits of Disc-Check

The benefit of disc-check is to be seamless with your existing tachograph hardware benefiting real time reporting.

The main features of disc-check means you monitor your fleet, be efficient and save costs with the fleet management solution. Eco-friendly fuel savings. Improves driver behaviour. Real-time fleet tracking. Monitor vehicle health and much much more..

Features and benefits

Integrated analogue, digital and logbook analysis

User friendly, intuitive dashboard

Simple overview of the most important information you want to see, which helps you to spot any areas that require immediate attention.
The cloud based service keeps your data safe, secure and always available any time and anywhere.

Pre shift checks

View drivers’ availability and infringement information before they start work. Spot potential issues before they become a problem.

There are numerous standard reports available

Sample reports

  • See and share information on drivers’ hours, WTD, infringements etc.
  • Reports you want can be sent straight to your email inbox
  • The information you need when you need it
  • Includes tools to manage your drivers and minimise infringements

Debrief and record comments directly on to the driver memorandum.

Show the authorities that you are taking all reasonable steps to manage infringements.