TDi Webfleet Telematics TachoShare+ Official Certified Partner of TomTom
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Official Certified Partner of Webfleet Solutions.

TDi are an official certified partner of Webfleet Solutions. Europe’s largest provider of tracking and telematics for all vehicle types. TDi were also the first Tachograph Analysis company to integrate their disc-check tachograph software with TachoShare +. Providing a full gps fleet tracking solution.

TDi Telematics is a dedicated fleet management software solution

With over 30 years experience of providing intuitive fleet management software solutions to the logistics and coach industry. TDi uses Webfleet Solutions to enhance the information provided to our customers. TDi Fleet Telematics provides real time information of drivers hours, location, fuel data, LGV route planning and live ETA’s to enable operators to make informed decisions with their real time vehicle tracking system.

Save on your fuel bill

Save you up to 15% on your fuel bill

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Increase fleet productivity

Monitor fuel usage & the environmental impact

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Improve driver safety and lower accident rates

Reduce risks associated with speeding by monitoring driver behaviour

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Reduce insurance and maintenance costs

OptiDrive facility provides detailed information on driver performance

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Telematics in action

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TDI Telematic Technology that allows you to save time, saving fuel, handling more orders, supporting your drivers, lowering cost, reducing time on the road and gives you instant data, when you need it. Making your business run more smoothly.

TDi Remote is a complete end-to-end digital tachograph solution

Utilizing the power of Tachoshare + and disc-check compliance is made easy with the automatic remote tacho downloading of the driver card daily and VU data every 7 days, automatically uploaded to provide instant tachograph analysis, reporting and notifications on driver behaviour monitoring, full vehicle tracking and monitoring. Ensure continuous compliance and easy scheduling with RDT (Remaining Driving Time).

  • Benefits

    Compliance made simple

    • Minimise administrative hassle and time spent with automated remote downloading
    • Never miss a deadline against compliance regulation by managing multiple deadlines (driver card expiry, vehicle unit data/driver card data downloads) in one place.
    • Prove your compliance with our comprehensive reports for worry free inspections
    • Analyse and improve the performance of your drivers against compliance regulation with our dashboards and reports
    • With Tachograph Manager Plus: Helps you to stay compliant with driving time regulations without contacting the driver, get timely social infringement notifications to reduce the impact of fines

    Save costs, boost productivity

      • Your vehicle schedule suffers less interruptions keeping your drivers on the road
    • Save staffing resources by cutting out administrative duties
    • Analyse and get customised reports to help you make smarter decisions faster
    • With Tachograph Manager Plus: Get access to real-time remaining driving time information for increased utilisation

    Enhance data security

      • We manage your Company Card for you, keeping it in a secure data centre
      • No local infrastructure is required to host data, as it’s all managed by Webfleet Solutions
      • Data is stored in compliance with GDPR
      • Clear user control and access right settings.


  • Features

    Automated Remote Downloading & Archiving

    Fast and easy compliance, for greater efficiency.

    WEBFLEET Tachograph Manager automatically downloads data and archives it in a secure data centre for up to two years*, where only authorised users can access it.

    Make compliance easier through automated downloads of driver card data (every week) and vehicle unit data (every month).
    Save costs and time through fewer manual downloads, less administration, and no need for intensive IT maintenance.
    Help drivers get more out of their driving time, as there’s no need to return to the depot.

    Analysis: Daily Driving Time & Rest Reports

    Download driver overviews for easy analysis.

    Comprehensive reports for an overview of driving time and rest periods by day, by shift, or over a chosen period of time.

    Get an overview of all driver activities, at a glance, by downloading detailed reports.
    Easily analyse the data by exporting it to PDF or CSV formats.

    Overview of Deadline Manager

    Always stay one step ahead.

    The Deadline Manager tells you when to renew driver cards, and informs about timing to capture specific tachograph data for both manual upload and remote download vehicles.

    Never miss a deadline – see download deadlines and driver card expiry dates, set reminder intervals, and send reminder emails.
    Reduce fines – tell drivers up front if a deadline is approaching.
    Stay efficient by knowing exactly when to order new driver cards.

    Analysis: Daily Activities View

    Get immediate insight into driver activity.

    Dashboard to show insights into driver activity, at any time. Showing availability, driving time, resting time, and other activities over a chosen time period.

    Get a better understanding of the root causes of any driving infringements.

    Analysis: Social Infringement Report

    Understand and prevent driver misconduct.

    This report gives detailed insight into the social infringements of individual drivers. It also shows the severity of each infringement, and any associated fines.

    Get insight into social infringement including the severity of infringements and associated fines**.
    Easily identify where drivers can improve performance.
    Proof of adherence to driving policy, improves driver performance, reduces misconduct. New

    Vehicle Efficiency %

    Get a better understanding of fleet utilisation and operation efficiency.

    This metric is measured in 3 different ways:

    Workload in %: The workload is determined by the total driving time, working time, and standby time of the vehicle in relation to the operating days, i.e. the maximum available time of the vehicle.
    Operating days: The number of operating days is determined by the number of days where the vehicle has at least one minute of driving, working, or standby time.
    Operating time: The operating time includes all time periods in which a driver card was inserted except resting periods over 60 minutes. New

TDI TachoShare WEBFLEET gives you a complete overview of your entire fleet

Thanks to TDi staying compliant has never been easier

”Webfleet TachoShare gives you a complete overview of your entire fleet and fully automated Tachograph visibility. This helps you to improve productivity, reduce costs and stay compliant. Running a transport business can be hard. So let’s make it easier. Let’s make it better. Let’s drive business. “

Want to know more about what Telematics can do for your team?.

How does it work?

This solution automatically downloads driver card data and vehicle unit data to Webfleet’s secure servers where it is archived for a minimum of 2 years*, to make compliance easier.

You get complete control over access rights to your tachograph data once it’s in the repository.

Stay informed and up-to-date with your legal requirements at all times, with a clear, complete view.

Webfleet TachoShare VDO Wireless

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to install?

Installation of TachoShare is a software based and can be active within a few hours.

How many vehicles can I have operating?

You can have a minimum of 1 vehicle. It is more cost effective to add your entire fleet. You can increase the number as your business grows?

Is there a bulk-buy discount?

We have a number of offers for fleets over 25+ vehicles and 10% tariff discount subject to approval by Webfleet Solutions.

Is there a minimum contract term?

Yes. The minimum contract length is 12 months. Case studies show that current customers save on average 11% fuel costs.

Do you offer free trails?

This depends on whether you are currently a FORS Member and using our award winning vehicle-tracking solution. FORS Members can get 3 months free when signing up to a 12 month contract.

Want to see Webfleet Telematics in action?

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TDi Webfleet Telematics provides you access to real-time driving time information to all your vehicles that are equipped with a digital tachograph. With Remaining Driving Times you instantly know which driver has enough driving time left to do the next delivery job in time.

See how Telematics can save you up to 15% on your fuel bill.
See how Telematics can improve your driver safety
See how Telematics can increase fleet productivity
See how Telematics can save you up to 15% on your fuel bill.

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